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Cash Projections provide per period detailed spreadsheet analysis of cash flows, capital gains, income, management fees and taxes for a portfolio.  From the optimizer graph, the user selects a specific portfolio from the optimal, na├»ve or what if portfolios.


Cash Projections has a number of additional options including:

This shows summary information across all the periods such as total taxes paid, average after-tax return and geometric returns.  It also has return moving averages across the periods.

This shows detailed decomposition of each asset return based on income and capital gains with management fees and taxes.


This shows detailed information for over 100 different PORTAX calculations across all periods at the asset, sub portfolio and portfolio level.  It is used for detailed tracking.


This is the Monte Carlo Simulator that randomizes returns across all periods and recalculates the results.  It is used for creating confidence intervals for over 60 different PORTAX calculations.

Tax Savings

This shows detailed information on how PORTAX creates tax shields and applies them.


PORTAX Cash Projections

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