PORTAX is a 64 bit Windows desktop application that primarily assists investors and financial advisors with medium and long term strategic taxable portfolio analysis.  This includes asset allocation, asset location with multiple tax entities, cash management and tax planning.  PORTAX also has the ability to plan investment funding for corporate projects and solve taxable and non-taxable institutional spending requirements.  PORTAX can do all the above analysis in any stable international currency and includes preset tax tables for over 50 countries including states, provinces and selected municipalities.

PORTAX was developed in 1994 as an in-house proprietary software tool to assist high net worth investors with low cost basis investments and assist utilities with funding for planned decommissioning of nuclear power plants.  These two diverse tasks both require multi-period analysis with detailed tax considerations.  Over the years, different clients requested direct access to PORTAX and the project gradually became a commercial software package for tax sensitive investors and financial advisors.

The original focus and continued development for PORTAX is on the financial engine.  The software is open architecture with extensive documentation including citations for various technical procedures used in the software.  Open architecture means that a PORTAX user has control of all the inputs to the model and access to all the formulas used in the output with the exception of some heuristics used in the optimizer.  One of the design goals is to make the PORTAX calculations as comprehensible and verifiable as possible. 

Investing in a taxable environment over a multi-year and in some cases multi-generational horizon can involve complex issues.  The next section on Taxable Investing is a brief overview that is helpful background for understanding the design and purpose of the PORTAX software.




























PORTAX Highlights August 2021
New release Version 8.8 includes:
• Q2 2021 Asset Class Return Time Series Update
    This quarterly update is for 30 International Markets ranging
    from Annual Returns to Daily Returns. Each international
    market has 100 pre-selected assets consisting of indices,
    ETFs and individual large cap securities.   

• 2021 International Tax Rates Update
   This updates the internal tax tables for the 2021 top marginal
   individual and corporate tax rates for over 50 countries
   currently covering 163 tax jurisdictions.

PORTAX Multi-period, After-Tax Optimization

Below are a series of International Maps highlighting major tax jurisdictions.  The actual PORTAX International Tax Tables also include additional tax jurisdictions.
2021 USA Combined Federal and State Tax Rates

2021 Canada Combined Federal and Province Tax Rates

2021 Europe Combined Tax Rates

2021 Asia Oceania Tax Rates

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