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PORTAX and PORTAX Plus are available as annual  or monthly subscriptions.  For a summary feature comparison see:
Subscription > PORTAX and PORTAX Plus

Subscribing to either software package includes:
•  Software and electronic manuals
•  Free software version updates
•  Free maintenance and technical support
•  Optional, free LAN version

PORTAX Version 9.7  
Annual Single User USD 899
Annual each additional user USD 89
Monthly single user USD 89
Monthly each additional user USD  9

PORTAX Plus Version 9.7  
Annual Single User USD 2999
Annual each additional user USD 299
Monthly single user USD 299
Monthly each additional user USD 29

Minimum monthly subscription is one month.

Maintenance Support includes assistance with PORTAX installation, registration and software performance.

Technical Support includes our best effort to respond within 24 hours and provide technical assistance with your PORTAX and PORTAX Plus case studies.  Technical support is in English using emails, video conferences and for USA subscribers phone calls.

A single user is one current running version of the PORTAX software.
The number of allowed installations and concurrent sessions matches the total subscribed users.  For example with a subscription of two users, you can have two separate installations each running two concurrent sessions.

One installation is one copy of the installed PORTAX software residing on a single fixed or virtual hard disk regardless of the number of CPUs or users with access to the hard disk.  A PORTAX LAN setup counts as one single installation.

Subscription Instructions
Send an email to with:
• Name
• Company
• Mailing Address
• Select PORTAX or PORTAX Plus
• Select Annual or Monthly subscription
• Number of users

Within 24 hours you will receive an email with:
• Download instructions for the PORTAX Software
• Temporary registration code
• Subscription Invoice