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Each PORTAX portfolio study has a status window in the background that provides an overview of all the current settings while you are working with the different software features.


Manager and Index Testing
This tests manager and index monthly time series for statistical issues using robust and nonparametric methods. 


This handles per period asset return time series for generating statistics needed to use the software.  Periods range from Daily to Annual.


The inputs consist of twelve different editors used for data needed to set up a portfolio for analysis.


This is the first part of the analytics and centers around a main graph showing different optimal portfolios along with user selected benchmark portfolios.    


Cash Projections
This is the second part of the analytics and for a specific portfolio calculates the expenditures, capital appreciation, cash flows, management fees and taxes over time.  It also contains a number of supporting analyses including the Monte Carlo Simulator. 


Monte Carlo Simulator
This is a comprehensive, multivariate simulator that creates empirical distribtuions for the Optimizer and Cash Projections analytical results.  The Client Reporting system automatically embeds selected Monte Carlo Simulations in a number of tables and graphs.


Client Reporting
Due to the extensive amounts of both input data and output results, PORTAX handles client reporting using wizards that either generate online reports or exported Excel reports for more detailed customization.


International Currencies
This controls the currencies used for portfolio analysis and reporting.


International Taxation
The controls the assignment of tax jurisdictions to specific assets.


Economic Cycles and Shifts
The allows modeling for forecasted economic changes with time varying inflation rates, asset returns and asset standard deviations.


Alpha Performance
Alpha Performance measures the ability of a manager to outperform a passive investment strategy given an investor's specific portfolio targets, tax issues and spending patterns.


The documentation is a html-based help text system that is always available while running PORTAX.


PORTAX Status Window

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