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PORTAX has two sources of tax rates:  Internal International Tax Tables and Custom Tax Rates.  Additionally, each asset has its own tax jurisdiction and tax rates which allows a portfolio to potentially span across tax jurisdictions.


Internal International Tax Tables
The Internal International Tax Tables are for the top marginal individual and corporate tax rates in over 50 countries.  For some countries, this includes states, provinces and selected municiplaities.  In total, this currently represents 193 different tax jurisdictions.  The tax rates include income, dividend, short term capital gains and long term capital gains tax rates where appropiate.

Internal International Tax Tables

Custom Tax Rates
The Details Editors allow for customized, time varying tax rates for:

•  Income Tax Rate
•  Short Term Capital Gains Tax Rate
•  Long Term Capital Gains Tax Rate
•  Market Value Tax Rate
•  Distribution Tax Rate for Sub Portfolios

This enables the user to override the internal tax tables and set customized rates.

Custom Tax Rates

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