Subscription > PORTAX and PORTAX Plus

PORTAX has two versions using the same financial engine.  PORTAX Plus as described in this website is the complete version.  A companion product, PORTAX, is a streamlined version that has fewer input features, is simpler to run and has a significantly lower subscription price.

PORTAX Plus allows more complex modeling including sub portfolios for multiple legal and tax structures, portfolios that have time varying  tax rates, and portfolios that span across generations.


In most cases, PORTAX is more than sufficient for modeling portfoilios with a total current market value less than USD$10 million.  PORTAX Plus is usually used for higher net worth portfolios with more complex holdings and detailed tax modeling.





General Editor 13 fields 17 fields
Assets Editor 20 fields 20 fields
Periods Editor 7 fields 9 fields
Correlations Editor same same
Details Editor 7 fields 16 fields
Group Constraints Editor same same
Sub Portfolios Editor not available available
Spending Scenarios Editor 2 types 6 types
Margin Editor same same
Short Sales Editor same same
Futures Editor same same
Individual International Tax Tables available available
Corporate International Tax Tables not available available