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PORTAX can do both portfolio analysis and reporting in user selected international currencies.


Set International Currencies
Each case study (PTX file) has its own internal FX table that has a maximum of 20 active currencies that can be selected from around the world.  There is also an optional external FX Template for standardizing sets of currencies across case studies.  The actual exchange rates are provided by the user.

Based on the FX Table, there are three currency selections for running PORTAX case studies:

• Home Currency
• Output Currency
• Report Currencies

International Currencies set in Settings menu

Home Currency set in General Editor

Home Currency
The Home Currency is set in the General Editor.  This is the currency used for all Input Editors and all PORTAX calculations.

Output Currency set in multiple output spreadsheets

Output Currency
The Output Currency controls the Optimizer Graph and all output analytical spreadsheets.  There is a Currency menu option to change the Output Currency throughout the analytical results.  Because the underlying analytics are calculated and stored in the Home Currency, changing the Output Currency only changes the display.

Report Currency set in the 5 Client Report Wizards

Report Currencies
The Report Currencies are set in the 5 Client Report Wizards. 

The Standard and Standard Export Client Report Wizards have a single Report Currency.

The Advanced, Advanced Export and Custom Export Client Report Wizards have a Report Aggregate Currency and up to 8 Report Sub Portfolio Currencies.  This means these three wizards can produce a client report in multiple currencies. 

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