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The Spending Scenarios Editor sets up alternative complex spending patterns and then analyzes all the alternatives simultaneously.  This allows the user to switch between different spending scenarios within the optimizer and cash projections without having to keep changing the editors or maintaining separate portfolio case studies.

The Spending Scenarios complex spending patterns are also designed to handle institutional spending requirements such as Inflation Based Rules, Smoothing Rules, Spending Reserves, Stabilization Funds, the Yale Rule and the Stanford Rule.


The Spending Scenarios Editor has up to 8 alternative spending patterns organized by columns.  The first 6 row fields are generic.  The key fields are:

Scenario Name

This is a descriptive name that is used throughout PORTAX to track the spending scenario.


There are 6 basic types:  Simple, Inflation, Smoothing, Stabilization, Hybrid and Multiple Funding


The remaining rows vary depending on the type selected.


PORTAX Spending Scenarios Editor

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