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The Sub Portfolios Editor sets up sub portfolios within a portfolio such as a 401(k), trust, partnership or corporation.  Sub Portfolios are organized by column with a maximum of 20 sub portfolios available.  Each sub portfolio has three sections: general settings, asset listing and period settings.


The general settings have 9 fields with two key fields:

Sub Portfolio Name

This is a descriptive name that is used throughout PORTAX to track the sub portfolio.


This is a list of 24 different sub portfolio types.  PORTAX handles the rules, distributions and tax issues based on the type.  Some of the key types are: 401(k), IRA, Granter Remainder Trust (GRT), Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT), Charitable Lead Trust (CLT), Limited Partnership, General Partnership, C Corporation, S Corporation and LLC.


The asset listing contains a row list of assets from the Asset Editor with check boxes for assigning assets to a sub portfolio.


The period settings are 12 fields that are repeated for each period.  These fields handle the inflows, distributions and tax issues for a sub portfolio on a period by period basis.


The Sub Portfolio Editor also has a companion Sub Portfolio Wizard to assist in quickly setting up sub portfolios.


PORTAX Sub Portfolios Editor

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