Privacy Policy  -  December 2021

With different countries having different privacy requirements, PortaxSoftware, LLC has elected to use the following explicit privacy policy moving forward from December 2021.


Prospective Subscribers

We do not initiate contact with prospective subscribers.  We use our website, referrals, print advertising, conferences and targeted digital advertising.  Keyword targeting is limited to keywords specific to finance and investments.  Geographic targeting is based on tax jurisdictions where we determine PORTAX is a good fit.

If you have received an email or phone call from us, it is because you have initiated contact with us.  You can request by email that we discontinue contact with you at anytime.

We do not provide or disclose your contact information to other people or firms.


Current Subscribers

PORTAX subscriptions can include technical support that requires our technical support staff to maintain email and/or phone contact with you.  Most subscribers use our technical support.  However as a subscriber, you have the option to not use technical support.

PORTAX subscribers are free to use the extensive, customizable PORTAX reporting system to private brand client reports.  There is no requirement that subscribers identify whether PORTAX was used for analysis of a client portfolio,

We do not provide or disclose our current subscriber list to other people or firms.

Past Subscribers

We do not initiate contact with past subscribers. We do not provide or disclose the identity of past subscribers to other people or firms.


PortaxSoftware, LLC

PortaxSoftware, LLC is a privately held company on the west coast of the United States.  The PORTAX Software has been available as a commercial software package since the late 1990s and is under ongoing development.

Please contact us by email below if you have any concerns about our privacy policy.